Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, LLC focuses on a combination of personal coaching, wellness, and business consulting.  A person or company can choose to pursue one all of these avenues.  We link these specialties together because often people seek personal coaching to discover their passion or new career direction only to find themselves in need of wellness care or in need of assistance in pursuing a new business. By offering these services together, it provides continuity to the client as they move from finding their passion and career direction to building a business based on what they love.


Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, LLC is located in the Denver Metro area.  Personal Coaching and Business consulting is available to anywhere in the United States. However, some personal coaching techniques and hands-on consulting for small businesses is only available along the Colorado Front Range. Service to international locations is not available at this time except through multi-national corporations headquarted in the United States.






Rod is a life coach and business consultant with a passion for  empowering clients to surpass their personal and business goals.


Rod utilizes story telling, along with his vast interpersonal and business experience, to assist clients in defining their story, taking action, and reaching their goals.  He is particularly gifted in assisting clients through various types of transition as he helps them recognize the past, let go of constraints, set intent for the future, and align energy and effort so the client can flourish in their next adventure.


As a life long learner and innovator, Rod brings a fresh perspective and creativity into each client interaction. Sessions with Rod can take many forms, from business consulting to personal coaching to  healing sessions for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues.


Rod earned a B.S. in Business Administration with a Marketing emphasis and a M.S. in Management and Organization with a graduate Marketing minor from the University of Colorado at Denver.  Additional focus areas of Rod's formal education were psychology and service quality.  Rod understands the strong role psychology plays in both both personal and business interactions, particularly situations where service quality is a factor.   Additionally, Rod holds an A.A.S. degree in Computer Programming.  He is also  a Healing Touch Practitioner (HTP) having completed the Healing Touch Programâ„¢, a Certified Hypnotist (CHt), and is trained in Past Life Regression.


Rod has 26 U.S. patents/patents pending.





Linda's expert problems solving skills are fueled by her ability to connect ideas and data to gain a new perspectives. She is enthusiastic about helping other people expand their awareness of options and opportunities.  Her goal in life is to help expand the awareness of everyone with whom she comes in contact.


Linda enjoys working with people to facilitate their journey through life and to resolve nagging issues.  She provides a voice of reason when faced with complicated challenges and utilizes a host of tools, selecting the one that she feels is best for the situation.  As a natural teacher and mentor, Linda modifies her approach to meet the needs each client.


Linda has extensive business experience in leadership, management, and technical roles.  She has led high performing teams, as well as facilitated team formation and conflict resolution.  She was one of the leaders of an effort to convert a 100+ person organization from an individual/group approach to a team approach.  Linda was also active for several years as a coach and official in Destination Imagination, a creative problem solving competition.  She is  a writer, genealogist, and family historian.


Linda has a M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. Mathematics and  in Computer Science.  Linda has taken many professional, personal, and spiritual development courses.  She is trained in Spiritual Hypnosis and Past Life Regression, studying with Dr. Brian Weiss and Dick Stuphen.  Linda is a Certified Hypnotist (CHt).


Linda holds 11 U.S. patents.



Other interests:

     Family History                 William Hurrie

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