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Do you provide a product or service to your customers and wonder if you are providing the best possible experience?  You may put out comment cards or equip your website with a feedback mechanism, but you still aren't getting the quality feedback that you desire.  You may get an occasional complaint or even a message praising your product or service, but you have no idea what the vast majority of your customers experience.


Likewise, the feedback is likely limited to a specific issue while you want to understand the entire customer experience end-to-end.  How easy was it to find information on your company?  How did the sale of the product or service proceed?  What was the customer's experience with the product or service?


One step is to to put yourself in your customer’s shoes — be your own your customer.  When being your own customer, you must go through the entire process that a customer would go through.  If appropriate, do web searches.  Could you find your website if you didn't know the name of the site or didn't know details of the products and services you provide?  Consider the searches a potential customer might do.  Then go through the process of purchasing the product or service.  Then obtain the service or use the product.  Now, evaluate the product and the experience.  What were the high points?  What could be improved?


If you can't be your own customer (e.g. you provide services, such as massages), you can enroll a neutral party or alternately family or friends to assess the customer experience.  Again, it is important for the surrogate to go through the entire customer experience.  It is critical that any service provided is  not altered in any way from that of a typical customer so that objective feedback can be obtained.  You can then listen to the feedback to determine what is working well and where improvements are needed.


Remember, delivering the best product and service to your customers will directly affect the success of your business.


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