Breathe    Take a moment and breathe!


The simple task of taking breath after breath is not something that many people think about.  It is just something your mind is programmed to do. Just breathing without thought may keep you alive and kicking, but you may not find yourself truly breathing in the way that helps the most with relaxation and stress reduction.


You may think of concentrated breathing as something that people do when meditating or practicing other specific stress reduction technique, but it can be a simple as slowing down and consciously taking a breath, or two, or twenty.  This serves several purposes.  It helps you to relax, it clears your head,  it lets go of tension, and opens you to a new perspective.


When in an argument, it is one of the best things you can do.  Just stop what you are doing, sit down if possible,  and focus on your breathing.  The first thing that is likely to happen is that the other person is going to ask you what you are doing.  As soon as that has happened, the energy of the argument has been broken.  You can reply to the person that you are focusing on breathing because it helps you relax.  If they pursue being angry, focus on deep breaths and ignore their arguments.  When you feel better, you can pursue a discussion with less emotion and more clarity.


It is also a  great technique when faced with drama of the world around you or a difficult decision.  Sit for a moment and just breathe.  It makes the drama and the stress melt away.  Then you can deal with the situation or make the decision logically and with less emotional charge.


You can also allow your house or car to breathe.  If you open the windows and let the fresh air in, the stale air will dissipate and you will be able to breathe easier.  It will also help clear the stale feeling from your life.


Lastly, it can mean taking a breath in your life.  Stop and go for a walk, sit under the shade of a large oak tree, stop and smell the roses, take a vacation, or simply do something different than what you normally do.  Again, this helps you to relax, removes tension, and gives you a new perspective.


Take a moment and breathe!

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