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Kids are amazing.  Kids easily slip into the world of make believe and the scenes they create unfold with great energy displaying great amounts of creativity.  They can build a scene or game with a few simple objects or none at all and have no limits to what they believe they can do.  They can be anyone or anything - real or imaginary.


A child may believe that one day they will be an astronaut going to Mars. A cardboard box can become their vehicle that they use to fly through space. The same child may then go into the imaginary world turning a tiny toy into a huge a fire breathing dragon, which they fight.  Yet another time, the same child may pretend to perform on TV by singing and dancing on a rug or a bench that they have turned  into a stage.


As kids grow older, however, they leave behind these dreams and  the associated creative play. As adults, we might say that is necessary and just part of life.  But, think of what is lost.  Kids begin forgetting that they can be anything they want and start feeling like they must do what is expected.  As adults, most will be focused on bringing in a paycheck, raising a family, and other aspects of adult life.  Although these things are necessary, the end result is that people often become stressed out and have low energy.


Now, imagine a world where adults played with the energy, creativity, and desire to have simple, innocent fun that young children do . . . This is a world where creativity surrounds you no matter where you go.  At work, instead of simply following the rules and the same old processes, you are encouraged to find creative new ways to achieve your goals.  At home, the family plays together creating fun and exciting scenes and allowing the children and the adults to pretend to be whoever they choose to be.  "Stuff" becomes less important and the emphasis in life is less on keeping up with the Joneses or just keeping your head above water.  Instead life is truly enjoyable - even Mondays.  It would be amazing and so much less stressful.


Now, the reality is that the world isn't that way, but it doesn't mean that you can't take time for yourself and imagine yourself slaying a dragon or curing a disease.  Be creative.  Think about how you can do something differently.  Allow yourself to play. Consider what you can create with an old piece of furniture, make the rug a stage, simply let your mind wonder to another world.  See how energized you become and watch how this infuses energy into your life and the life of those around you.


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