Healing Your Space


Every year someone mentions spring cleaning, but cleaning out can be about so much more than just getting your space clean. You can truly heal your space by ensuring that it is energetically supporting you.


Date:     March 17 (Saturday)

Time:     10am to noon


Where:  Near I-25 and 120th Ave

              (Register for the specific location)


Cost:     $15/person


Host:     Imagine If Coaching and Consulting

             Linda & Rod Thomson



Every space needs a tune-up from time to time. The care of one's home, office, and other spaces is part of self-care. The space and every object in it may have been supportive of you at one time.  However, over time you change; therefore, you may need changes in your space.


In extreme situations, a move may be indicated.  However, in most cases, simple changes in the objects in your space and their specific locations may be enough to  heal your space so that it supports you on your journey.


This class will explore the aspects of space to consider, the process of determining what changes in space need to be made, and how to know when you are done (for now).


It is a great class to pair with "Letting Go and Making Room for New," but can also be taken on its own.


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