As a living being, everything about you is energy.  Your body  manufactures and burns energy.  Additionally, your thoughts actions, and words  have energy.  Likewise, all the people, animals, activities, and even objects in your space bring energies into your life.


As such, energy treatments to address particular physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues can help to clear unneeded or stagnant energy from your energy field to  restore healthier energy.


Imagine If Coaching and Consulting provides a variety of energy-centered wellness services. Some of the techniques we use are: Healing Touch, singing bowls, and past life regression.  These services are offered as standalone services and in conjunction with life coaching.



What type of wellness service is right for you?


You may desire to experience a specific type of energy treatment or you may be looking to address a specific issue.  Check out our listing of wellness services offered or contact us and let us help you find the treatment that best serves your needs.


Click here for a complete listing of wellness services, pricing, and packages offered.



What can you expect from a wellness session?


Wellness sessions are one-on-one and fully customized to the client's needs. Most sessions are held face-to-face. Remote sessions are available for a limited set of wellness techniques. Some sessions may include techniques and information for follow-up self-care, which if performed regularly may enhance the results of the session.



Life Coaching


Life Coaching can take many forms.  When seeking a life coach, it is important to match the style and processes used by the life coach to your personal style.  At Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, we use experiential and spiritual techniques to help you discover your life path, learn to set boundaries, remove blockages, manage life transitions, or address many of the other life challenges. Our goal is to provide tools and techniques that allow you to explore who you are and to make the best choices for your life, allowing you to transform your life into the  life of your dreams.


We consider life coaching a process that is unique to each individual and that evolves as the client uncovers issues and discovers solutions.  Thus, we always create a unique plan for each client.  That plan is then reviewed at each session and modified to meet the clients' evolving needs.



Is life coaching right for you?


Life Coaching is ideal for people who are looking for their passion in life, are going through transitions in their life, want to break through blockages, wish to reduce stress, are looking to find joy, and more!


You may want to consider life coaching if you feel stuck, are looking for ways to energize your life,  feel like life is passing you by, are looking for ways to boost your creativity, or you simply would like to experience more joy in your life.


Click here for a complete listing of life coaching services, pricing, and packages offered.



What can you expect from a life coaching session?



The sessions are formulated to meet the client's preferred learning and working styles with initial sessions focusing on the most fundamental issues. For instance, if someone is looking for their life purpose, the plan may include addressing blockages or other things holding the client back prior to focusing  on the actual life purpose. The specific techniques used, number of sessions, and pace of progress are all determined based on the client's particular situation and schedule.


Coaching sessions are one-on-one and fully customized to the client's needs. Sessions are generally  one hour in length and are held face to face, but many of them can be held via telephone, Skype, Facetime, or other means.



Business Coaching


At Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, our business coaching is designed specifically for small businesses.  It is to help clients that  desire to start a small business, have a relatively new small business, or would like to grow their existing business with determining their niche, creating a brand,  designing marketing materials,  providing website considerations, and more.


We have many years of experience in business and want to share that with other small businesses that may not have the luxury of such experience.



Is business coaching right for you?


Business coaching is ideal for small businesses (under 50 employees) that are just starting up, are struggling to get clients and grow, have evolved over time, or that are due for an image update.  We would like to help you turn your dream of a successful small business into a reality!


Click here for a complete listing of business coaching services and packages offered.



What can you expect from business coaching?


At Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, we engage our clients in the process of creating the  ideas, materials, and processes for their business.  It is through that engagement that Imagine If Coaching and Consulting believes we together with the client can best create good solutions for the client's business.


Business coaching varies by the need of the client and is fully customizable. Business coaching generally consists of meeting with the client plus additional work by both the client and Imagine If Coaching and Consulting.



Classes & Events



Imagine If Coaching and Consulting offers classes  on a range of topics primarily focused around energy, intuition, and healing.  The classes are offered at various locations along the Colorado Front Range with classes regularly scheduled in Lakewood and Westminster.  Additionally, we are available to do classes at your location.


Classes are a great low cost way to get to know us and determine if we are a good fit for your wellness and coaching needs.


Click here for a complete listing of currently scheduled classes and events.

Click here to learn more about scheduling a class or event for your group.


Imagine If Coaching and Consulting focuses on creating, molding, and transforming the energy of our clients so that they can achieve the life they desire.


We achieve results through "whole life coaching," which encompasses the client as a whole and may lead to wellness sessions, life coaching sessions, or business coaching.  Whether a client comes to us for a single session or long-term coaching, we spend time working with the client to ensure a complete understanding of  the issue that the person wishes to address.  Then, we  select the approach that is the best fit for the client.


Additionally, we teach classes and workshops where we coach people in a group setting on topics of interest to the group.


The key to all our services is the client as true change only comes from within. By having the client fully engaged in every aspect of the process and focusing on issues that are truly important to the client, the client feels they are a partner in the process, increasing their chance for success.


Our goal is for our clients to leave every session or class with a better understanding of their situation, insight into blockages or issues, and tools for them to better manage their energy and their life in general.



Why Imagine If Coaching and Consulting?


At Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, we take a holistic approach to helping our clients, which means we provide our clients  with a range of services including  life coaching, aspects of career coaching, business consulting, and wellness  to create a unique experience that addresses a broad spectrum of issues the client may be experiencing.


The client's needs are always the focus of your sessions. The client will never have to fit "our" 6-class or 12-step program.  Instead, all of our sessions are  designed specifically to address the client's needs.  There are no required contracts or upfront commitments. Therefore, your continued work with us is because you feel you are progressing in the work rather than because you have already spent the money or have a contract.


If you are looking for a sounding board, someone who can help you explore and learn,  someone that will challenge your perspective, or someone that can share insights, Imagine If Coaching and Consulting is for you!



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