Personal Information Gathering & Sharing


Names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and other information may be collected to provide quotes, estimates, or information regarding our business and our services.  This information will be used only in the performance of the services of Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, LLC.  These uses include, but are not limited to, contact with proposals and information, provide services requested,  responses to comments/questions, and/or other business activities unique to the person providing the personal information.


Additionally, the personal information may be used for newsletters, surveys/questionnaire, informational emails,  updates, technical/security alerts, support messages, general marketing material, and other messages pertinent to users, quality, or integrity of this site.   You may at any time unsubscribe to these services using the unsubscribe link.


For messages targeting groups of users, the emails may be sent through our email distribution service Mailchimp.  All information processed through Mailchimp is subject to their privacy policy.  They are fully responsible for any privacy issues arising from their service.  We reserve the right to also share information with an other affiliates, technical consultants, accountants, advisors, attorneys, auditors, or third parties that act on our behalf.


Additionally, information collected about preferences, services, and experiences with our website or services may be used to improve said services, websites, company processes, or other operations of Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, LLC.


Additionally, Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, LLC may share information if compelled to by law or to required in order to protect the rights and safety of the company and/or its owners and employees.


Additionally, information may be transferred in the event of a sale, merger, consolidation, liquidation, reorganization, or acquisition.  Obligations under this Privacy Policy will remain in effect.  You will be notified via posting on the site or other mechanism of any change in ownership.


Additionally, no personal information will be shared or sold except as previously stated unless expressed written consent is provided by the user.


Public Comments and Statements


Any comments or information shared directly on this site via comments or other forums as well as comments that you may make on related social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) are public and can be seen and shared by others.




This website may provide links to other websites and social media sites that may not have the same privacy policy.  It is the users responsibility to read and understand the privacy policies of each site they access.


Internet & Electronic Security


Reasonable actions will be taken to secure all personal information.  However, it is known that no information transmitted electronically across the Internet or stored in a digital form is  completely safe from intrusion and Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, LLC cannot guarantee that information would never be the subject of a security breech.




We reserve the right to update this policy at any time.  The date below shows the date the policy was last updated.  Updated policies are effective immediately with notice being given through updates to the policy on this website with an updated revision date.  It is recommended that you review this policy to stay informed of any changes.  The policy in force on the date of a visit to this site, transaction related to this site, or Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, LLC  interaction is considered to be the enforceable version of this Privacy Policy.  Each version of the policy will be stored.


Questions & Comments


If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or you wish to update or remove any personal information that we may have, use the Contact form  to send us a message or contact us by U.S. mail at


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Last Updated 2/3/2017

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