Creativity and Problem Solving . . .

      Taking a Different Perspective

Ever find yourself stuck when trying to solve a problem? Do you find yourself asking others to help you look at a problem differently and then questioning why you didn’t see the answer?


Effective problem solving often proves to drive people toward the same solutions that they have used in the past.  At times this can help find a quick solution.  However, it is limiting when an alternative solution is needed.  To find a new solution, a shift in perspective  is required.  One doesn't have to start with a blank slate.  Most creative new ideas come from simply associating already existing ideas to create something new.


History has shown that phenomenal results can be accomplished if we just open ourselves to the wonders of creativity. Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Steve Jobs are marvelous examples of people who merged creativity with engineering. All of these people engaged in creative activities and accomplished great engineering feats. Steve Jobs, for example, studied calligraphy which led to the many fonts available today.


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