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All Imagine If coaching and Consulting wellness services are personalized for the client.  Clients may select a package, individual services,  individual services combined with packages, multiple packages, or request a custom package to meet their particular needs.


 Take a look at the offerings below to see what might be right for you.  Don't know where to start?  Contact us and we will help determine if there are ways that we can help you achieve your goals.

Services & Packages



Healing Touch Sessions ($75 per hour)


Heart-centered, intention-based energy healing  is used to connect, open, and balance your energy centers (chakras) as well as clearing your energy field (aura) for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Sessions can address pain, anxiety, stress, recovery from medical procedures, and more.


Tibetan Singing Bowls ($75 per hour)


The Tibetan Singing Bowls can complement a wellness session or be used independently using sound to open your energy centers (chakras), clearing your energy field, and much more.


Body Centered Interview ($150)


This is an interactive Healing Touch session. You are guided through a process where you recall memories and trauma that has become stored in different parts of your body.  The negative or stagnant energy associated with those events is released to improve your overall physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.


Full-Spectrum Healing ($110)


A combination of Healing Touch techniques are used to stimulate your lymphatic system, connect your physical body with its blueprint, and if necessary call upon your spiritual helpers to delve deeper into your healing. These sessions are good for sedentary people, people prone to getting sick, and people wanting to improve their overall wellbeing.


Past Life Regression ($90 for basic, $150 for in-depth)


Explore your past lives for healing.  There are two levels of Past Life Regressions offerred:  basic and in-depth.  The in-depth regression is longer and delves deeper into the relationship of the past life/lives explored and your current life.


Connection With Higher Self ($150)


You will connect with your higher self and be able to explore questions of your choosing.  This process utilizes techniques similar to past life regression to allow you to learn more about yourself and the world.


Energizing Your Life  (3 1-hour sessions, $225)


Techniques and strategies for keeping your energy at a high level every day, including days that are draining.


Hara Re-patterning Package     (5  sessions, $400)


 A traumatic event can cause compromise with your Hara, which is the life force that connects your higher self to your physical existence.  When this happens, your Hara becomes offset, weakened, or even broken. A Hara Re-patterning session re-patterns your Hara in association with a traumatic event to reduce the energetic connection to that event; thereby, strengthening your Hara and reducing the effects of that event on your daily life.


Developing & Listening to your Intuition     (5 1-hour sessions, $350)


A series of sessions about recognizing and building confidence in your intuition


Working with your Energy Centers (Chakras)   (7 1-hour sessions, $700)


Begin with an overall assessment of your energy centers.  Followed by sessions focused on issues and concerns regarding each chakra.  Plus, learning self-healing techniques.


Healing Your Space      ($100 and up depending on size of space, free estimate)


Do you feel the like the energy in your office or home is draining you?  If so, we will evaluate the energy in the space and make recommendations for changes to re-energize the space so that it can better support you.



Custom package - Contact us for free consultation.


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