Would your group like a presentation, class, or workshop?


Imagine If Coaching and Consulting is available to do presentations and workshops on a variety of topics. We are happy to bring our presentations and workshops to your  organization or business.  Fees are based on the size of the event and the duration.  We also do a limited number of  introductory level presentations for FREE!




The following list are samples of topics for which we provide workshops, presentations, and classes.  We are happy to go beyond this list as long as the topic is related to our primary focus.


  • Energy
    • Playing with Energy
    • Playing the Energy Field
    • Energy Workshop
    • Centering, Grounding, and Setting Boundaries
  • Past Life Regression
    • Includes group regression
  • Energy Healing
  • Paying Attention
  • Setting Intent
  • Boundary Setting
  • Finding Your Spark/Life Purpose
  • Leadership & Teamwork
    • Everyday Leadership
    • Working as a Team
  • Innovation & Creativity


We can cover many other topics related to the information on this website.  Presentations can be customized for your specific needs.


Format & Structure


Presentations and workshops are structured to the unique requirements of our clients.  Presentations generally range from thirty minutes to two hours while workshops typically range from a half-a-day to multiple days.



How Do I Get Started?


Click here to get started!


Imagine If Coaching and Consulting is located in the Denver metro area.  Presentations and workshops outside the Colorado Front Range will be assessed additional travel charges.   Presentations and workshops to international locations are not available at this time.






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